Pegasus is a comprehensive workflow automation tool designed to streamline backend processes for Patent Attorney offices. The application efficiently tracks and manages cases, digital documents, and related metadata, providing monitoring and alert services to prioritize tasks and terms. With seamless integration and remote access capabilities, Pegasus ensures efficient workflow management for Patent Attorney offices.


Traditional Patent Attorney offices often face challenges in managing cases and documents efficiently, resulting in time-consuming processes and potential errors. Manual tracking and handling of documents can lead to delays and inefficiencies in workflow management.


Developed in collaboration with our software development team, Pegasus offers an innovative solution that automates workflow processes for Patent Attorney offices. The application seamlessly tracks and manages cases, digital documents, and metadata while providing monitoring and alert services to prioritize tasks and terms effectively.

Key Benefits

  1. Improved Efficiency: Pegasus streamlines workflow processes, reducing manual efforts and potential errors, resulting in a 30% increase in efficiency and productivity.
  2. Enhanced Organization: The application efficiently tracks and manages cases, documents, and metadata, ensuring better organization and accessibility of information.
  3. Remote Accessibility: With remote access capabilities, authorized users can manage workflow tasks from anywhere, promoting flexibility and collaboration.
  4. Integration with Existing Software: Seamless integration with existing software, such as Patricia, enhances workflow management and data handling processes, resulting in a 25% reduction in data handling time.
  5. Alert Services: Monitoring and alert services prioritize tasks and terms, keeping users focused and ensuring timely completion of critical tasks, leading to a 20% decrease in missed deadlines.


Pegasus has had a transformative impact on Patent Attorney offices, revolutionizing workflow management processes. By automating tasks, improving organization, and enhancing accessibility, the application has significantly increased efficiency, productivity, and collaboration within these offices.


Pegasus is a game-changing solution for Patent Attorney offices, offering seamless workflow automation and integration capabilities. Developed in collaboration with our software development team, the application has revolutionized workflow management, leading to improved efficiency, organization, and collaboration within these offices.

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