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Empowering small and medium businesses with AI-driven automation for enhanced productivity.


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We provide AI-driven software development solutions tailored for small and medium enterprises, streamlining operations, analyzing data for actionable insights, and enhancing customer satisfaction through personalized interactions. Additionally, we optimize workflows for scalable growth and cost-effectiveness.


Is your business seeking solutions to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency?

Gain Operational Efficiency

Upto 80%

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Difficulty managing tasks like data entry, customer inquiries, or scheduling efficiently?

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Upto 35%

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Struggling to analyze data for insights on customer behavior, market trends, or business performance?

Unlock Data Insights

Upto 75%

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Finding it challenging to provide personalized interactions and enhance your customers' experiences

Drive Scalable Growth

Upto 50%

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SpiderOrb specializes in delivering leading-edge software solutions tailored to a wide range of industries.

Our core expertise lies in creating bespoke solutions meticulously designed to meet unique business requirements and harness the transformative capabilities of AI technology

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Our Featured Solutions

Pushing Limits: Intelligent Solutions, Endless Opportunities

Discover the potential of our AI-driven solutions to elevate your business, boosting productivity and fostering expansion amidst the constantly changing landscape of today.

AI Teletherapy System
AI Teletherapy System

Transform mental health care with our AI Teletherapy System, offering remote therapy services enhanced by artificial intelligence for personalized and accessible treatment.

Customer Support Natural Language AI
Customer Support Natural Language AI

Enhance customer support in the SaaS industry with our Natural Language AI, automating interactions to improve response times, user experiences, and scalability.

Personalized Customer Recommendation
Personalized Customer Recommendation

Boost retail sales with our Personalized Customer Recommendation solution, utilizing machine learning to deliver tailored product suggestions based on customer preferences, enhancing engagement and fostering loyalty.

Customer Sentiment Analysis
Customer Sentiment Analysis

Gain insights into patient sentiments in mental health and general physician practices with our advanced Customer Sentiment Analysis solution.

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We specialize in providing tailored software solutions exclusively for small and medium businesses. Our focus is on understanding the unique needs and challenges of SMBs and delivering customized services to help them thrive in the digital landscape.

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Our Portfolio

Revolutionizing Business Operations with Innovative Technology Solutions

Hear-to-Help Counseling Practice

A counseling practice providing personalized sessions integrating psychotherapy, philosophy, and relationship guidance, supported by AI chatbot assistance for immediate support.

Hear-to-Help Counseling Practice

A networking services provider facilitating connections between startups and investors through a comprehensive deal flow management platform.


Streamlining workflow for Patent Attorneys with automated case management, document handling, and seamless integration


An innovative event management platform empowering organizers to craft personalized event experiences and enhance attendee engagement seamlessly.


Explore how our cutting-edge automation and AI solutions are transforming industries and driving business success.

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Tailored AI Solutions

Customized Packages to Drive Your Business Forward

Discover tailored AI Solutions Packages to suit your business needs, ranging from essential functionalities to comprehensive solutions.



Essential AI and machine learning development with basic support.

General Development Services:
  • AI and machine learning development for specified use cases.
  • Implementation of pre-built models tailored to the client's needs.
Limited Support
  • Email support during business hours for technical issues and inquiries.
  • Access to basic documentation and resources.
Standard Features
  • Basic data analysis and processing.
  • Integration with existing systems.
  • Regular updates and bug fixes.
Premium Packages


Advanced tailored solutions with dedicated support and advanced features.

Customized Solutions:
  • Tailored AI and machine learning solutions designed specifically for the client's requirements.
  • Advanced algorithm development and optimization.
Dedicated Support:
  • Priority email and phone support available 24/7.
  • Assigned account manager for personalized assistance.
Advanced Features:
  • Predictive analytics and forecasting.
  • Advanced data visualization and reporting.
  • Performance monitoring and optimization.


Comprehensive end-to-end solutions with white-glove support and enterprise-grade features.

Comprehensive Solutions:
  • End-to-end AI and machine learning solutions covering all aspects of the client's business processes.
  • Custom model training and deployment.
White-Glove Support:
  • Dedicated technical team available round-the-clock for immediate assistance.
  • On-site consultations and training sessions.
Enterprise-grade Features:
  • Big data processing capabilities.
  • Scalable infrastructure for handling large datasets.
  • Advanced security and compliance measures.

At SpiderOrb, we begin with a complimentary consultation to understand your needs and recommend the best package. We offer flexible customization to tailor solutions to your unique requirements. Our scalable solutions ensure they grow with your business.

Plus, enjoy a risk-free experience with a free consultation and a money-back guarantee for the first project phase.

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Bleeding Edge Technology

Our Technology

Harnessing Cutting-Edge Tools for Enhanced Performance

At SpiderOrb, we employ cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and predictive analytics to drive AI automation solutions. Our innovative approach revolutionizes business operations, streamlining processes, extracting valuable insights, and delivering personalized experiences to customers.

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Versatile in meeting evolving business challenges.

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